Symetria Health® is an innovative behavioral health company focused on improving substance abuse treatment outcomes and strengthening communities by increasing awareness, advocacy, and implementing best practices in the coordination of patient care.

Our unique blend of clinical vision and medical innovation is transforming the face of substance abuse therapy to more effectively address the increasing challenges in substance abuse disorder treatment today.

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Our Mission: Fight the opioid addiction epidemic.

Our nation’s opioid addiction crisis is a critical challenge that requires an innovative response. We’re applying our proven principles and practices to join the fight against this acute opioid epidemic on an even greater scale with our four key areas of focus.

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Addiction Treatment & Recovery

Our innovative, evidence-based, approach to opioid addiction treatment combines medication-assisted therapy and behavioral counseling in an outpatient setting at our Symetria Recovery® treatment centers. Known as the Symetria Method®®®, this balanced treatment program is proven to provide the best opportunity for achieving a sustainable recovery and lifestyle of sobriety.

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Population Health

Opioid abuse is both a personal crisis and a growing societal issue. In addition to providing individual treatment, Symetria Health® improves general population health through increased awareness and education, home health and employer programs, psychiatric services, and other initiatives designed to decrease opioid use and abuse.

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Workers' Compensation

Traditional methods of opioid abuse treatment can trap patients in a self-repeating cycle of addiction–treatment–relapse. Every time this happens, overall economic productivity is lost and insurance costs increase. With its proven record of positive outcomes, Symetria Health® is enabling those who have been lost in the cycle of dependence to regain their health, well-being, and economic value.

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Advocacy & Policy

The greater the understanding of the nature and treatment of opioid abuse and addiction, the more effectively public opinion can help combat it. As a leader in the field, Symetria Health® has a uniquely persuasive voice for raising awareness of the need for coordination of care, modeling patient behavior, results reporting, and advocating for more informed public policy.


99% of patients did not require admission to a higher level of care than we offer onsite.

The proof is in the numbers


80% of patients participated in preventive health screenings and immunizations.

The proof is in the numbers


92% of patients were able to avoid unplanned hospitalization.

The proof is in the numbers


80% of patients were able to reduce or abstain from tobacco use.

The proof is in the numbers


96% of patients were able to reduce or abstain from alcohol use.

The proof is in the numbers